Changing your life…

…Happens with you.

Not with other people, not with better circumstances.

When you have social anxiety, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking where you’re desperate for someone to break through and relieve your loneliness, for someone to accept you for who you are without criticizing you for your flaws.  Or, it’s easy to expect that you’ll become more social one day when you “need to,” or that you’ll grow out of this conundrum.

None of those things will work.  It’s YOU who has to make the effort.  YOU have to decide that, come hell or high water, you’re going to make the social life for yourself that you deserve.  Sure, you might need a little help, but your change ultimately won’t be due to the help you get.

The change, the success, the freedom–it will all come from within you.

Are you ready for the challenge?

If you are, then click here.



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