Social Anxiety: It’s Not Just About Social Skills

In fact, in a lot of us, the two have nothing to do with each other.  You can have great social skills and still have crippling social anxiety.  If you don’t have great social skills, you really have to get past … Continue reading

News: Obesity Can Contribute to Social Anxiety Disorder

I just read some interesting stuff about the connection between obesity and social anxiety on an Indian news website.  A new study concludes that people who are obese experience social anxiety that’s particularly triggered by their obesity, and that their … Continue reading

Effects of Social Isolation

We’re humans.  That means we were meant for social activity–it’s in our DNA.  If we don’t get enough of it, we get nervous, anxious, depressed and confused.  We feel deprived of something essential.  It’s almost like going without water or oxygen. … Continue reading

The "Shy Away" Syndrome

Fellow shy people and social anxiety sufferers, you know what I’m talking about… One of the hallmark symptoms of social anxiety disorder is the “shy away” syndrome. We tend to shy away from the football game, from the office party, … Continue reading

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Signs

Maybe it’s you, someone you know, or someone you’ve been watching and wondering about. In either case, social anxiety disorder symptoms are disheartening and unsettling.  What’s more–they aren’t always that obvious. Here’s a short list of some of the behavioral … Continue reading