A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step

In your struggles with social anxiety, keep in mind:  the first step is usually the hardest.  You might be overwhelmed with fear of social situations, loneliness, and depression, wondering if things will ever improve; you might even erroneously conclude that … Continue reading


Changing your life…

…Happens with you. Not with other people, not with better circumstances. When you have social anxiety, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking where you’re desperate for someone to break through and relieve your loneliness, for someone to … Continue reading

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Are You the Only Person in the World with Social Anxiety?

Are you completely alone?  Convinced that NOBODY in the world knows the horrors of social anxiety the way you do?  Do you feel like a complete outcast who nobody will ever be able to understand? Then watch this: Now, if … Continue reading

Anybody and Everybody Could Use a Good Friend

Social anxiety can really mess with your mind, causing all kinds of doubts, insecurities, and distortions of your self-concept.  One of the things that it convinces us of is that we’re not worthy to be good friends to others. But … Continue reading

Social Anxiety and Limiting Beliefs

If you have SA, one thing that can block your progress is a set of limiting beliefs. What are limiting beliefs?  They’re things you believe/attitudes you have that do one or more of the following: Make you feel bad about … Continue reading

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Overcoming social anxiety, like attacking most big issues in life, is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. That is, of course, with a natural progression from the easier things to the more difficult things.  It’s key to go … Continue reading

Being Nervous Around People

One of the things that pretty much defines social anxiety (and to a lesser extent, regular shyness) is the sense of being nervous around people. If you have Social Anxiety Disorder, this nervousness pretty much follows you around wherever you … Continue reading

Social Anxiety and Anger

A lot of people with social anxiety have underlying anger issues…and this is totally understandable. You might feel angry about not being able to interact with the world, angry at yourself for always being a misfit or too obviously quiet … Continue reading

Feeling like nobody likes you?

Well that can be a drag, to say the least.  I know how terrible that feels.  But often such thinking is the product of a closed mindset, limited vision, poor insight–things that illness cause.  Social anxiety disorder is a real … Continue reading

Staying in the house all day?

If so, you’ve perhaps fallen victim to one of the greatest obstacles to overcoming social anxiety.  Staying in the house all day can be comforting and can let you avoid facing the big bad world outside, but it won’t get … Continue reading