Anybody and Everybody Could Use a Good Friend

Social anxiety can really mess with your mind, causing all kinds of doubts, insecurities, and distortions of your self-concept.  One of the things that it convinces us of is that we’re not worthy to be good friends to others.

But do you know that for sure?  Even if you’re plagued with that thought, are you willing to challenge it?

Our shyness and social anxiety blinds us to the fact that there’s a hell of a lot of shy people out there.  We can’t see them, because they’re usually too busy “shying away” from the crowd, like we are!

Another thing we don’t often realize is that “normal people”–people who aren’t shy and who don’t have social anxiety disorder–are in need of friends too!  In fact, you could even say normal people are socially needy, even though they don’t seem to be.

They don’t act needy or clingy because they have good self-esteem, or perhaps because they’ve learned how to deal with their shyness effectively in other ways, or maybe they’re “hiding” behind a facade of extraversion and sociability.

But the fact of the matter is, even though loneliness isn’t written on their faces, every human being on the planet needs a good friend.

So here’s a thought–why don’t you be the good friend?

Yes, you.  You have interesting insights and knowledge to offer, whether you realize it or not.

If you learned about a cool event in your city, you’d probably want a friend to go along so he or she would benefit from it as well.  You would probably help out a friend with a reasonable request.  As you get closer to someone, you would probably listen if he or she wanted to talk about life problems or concerns (and you’d be right to expect the same in return).  Deep down, you’re probably a good person who can add value to someone’s life just by being there for him or her.

So, realize that everybody can use a good friend.  Not just you.  In fact, you can be that good friend to somebody.  You can enrich someone’s life, and be enriched in return.  Keep that in mind!

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