The Struggle to Overcome Social Anxiety…

…is not an easy one. It’s one that’s often fraught with despair, frustration, anger, and profound sadness. It seems like you’re trapped in a prison against your will–only to be an observer of others who are having fun, getting to know each other, laughing with each other, developing friendships and relationships. You feel left out–no, you are left out.

I know how it is. I’m your typical young guy in his mid-twenties, but behind the scenes, I’ve struggled with the pain of social anxiety for many years. My life has been affected–social phobia has left it’s mark on me.

In this blog, I’m going to share practical tips and tricks for overcoming social anxiety, making friends, and achieving the social life you deserve. That monster we know as social anxiety is tough, but it can be beat. You can do this.

Come along for the ride…

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